Adding Currency Requirements in the Disciplines List

Resolution Number
Peter Dill
Assigned to
Standards and Practices Committee
Disciplines List
Status Report

This resoltuion was discussed with Chancellor's Office legal counsel. In order to include recency requirements in the Disciplines List, changes to Title 5 are required. Districts may establish local MQs that are more stringent than the MQs in the Disciplines List by adding recency requirements. Futhermore, the concerns about recency in academic preparation and work experience can be addressed through effective use of the recruitement and selection process using desirable qualifications on the job announcement, screening applications to find applicants with recent academic and work experience preparation, an so forth. Certain programs are subject to external programmatic accreditation requirements and/or statutory/regulatory requirements for licensure and continuing education. Finally, colleges can establish local professional development policies that ensure some portion of the local flex obligation is fulfilled through activities that keep faculty current in their disciplines. therefore, adding recency requirements to the Disciplines List neither feasible nor necessary.

Whereas, The Community College Reform Act of 1988 (AB 1725) sought to professionalize the community college faculty policies and procedures on the model of the four year institutions rather than K-12 institutions;

Whereas, In this effort, the act eliminated any further granting of lifelong community college credentials on the expectation that currency (recency) in the area of expertise would be the expected and required standard for the qualification to teach at a California community college, not just the possession of a degree, however old and outdated;

Whereas, The disciplines list (minimum qualification for hiring a faculty member) was never modified to reflect these expectations of an applicant’s currency in a discipline, as opposed to mere possession of a degree; and

Whereas, The Board of Governors has delegated to the Academic Senate the responsibility to determine and implement the professional standards by which individuals become members of the community college faculty;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges investigate the feasibility of adding discipline currency (recency) and/or work experience to the disciplines list of minimum qualifications and the implications of this addition for local colleges’ hiring procedures and equivalency processes, and report its findings no later than the Fall 2014 Plenary Session.