Adopt ICAS Statement on Competencies in Mathematics

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Intersegmental Issues
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The ICAS Competency Statements were adopted with the adoption of this resolution.

Whereas, The Intersegmental Committee of Academic Senates (ICAS) Statement on Competencies in Mathematics has publicly stated the expectations of California's higher education faculty since the first edition in 1982 and has recently been updated by a committee that included appointees of the California Community Colleges, California State University, and University of California academic senates and representatives of K-12 faculty and the Department of Education;

Whereas, The committee strongly felt that the underlying philosophy, principles, and subject matter expectations remained sound, and therefore made only modest changes, including an appendix that cross references the K-12 Mathematics Standards; and

Whereas, Timely adoption of this updated document will greatly assist the promotion and use of higher education's long-standing viewpoint on mathematics competencies in currently ongoing statewide and national conversations about high school standards (for example, Achieve and the American Diploma Project);

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges adopt the ICAS Mathematics Competencies Statement.

MSC Disposition: ICAS, Local Senates