Adopt the Resolutions Handbook

Resolution Number
Assigned to
Resolutions Committee
Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

Whereas, The work of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges is directed by resolutions adopted by the body at fall and spring plenary sessions;

Whereas, Four Academic Senate documents currently exist regarding the resolutions process, two of which are public and distributed to the body prior to plenary sessions (“Resolution Writing and General Advice” and the “Plenary Session Resolutions Procedures”) and two of which are internal Executive Committee documents (“Resolutions Philosophy, Procedures and Process,” adopted by the Executive Committee in June 2012, and the “Resolutions Committee Manual,” approved by the Executive Committee in December 2008);

Whereas, At its January 2014 meeting the Executive Committee approved the Resolutions Committee’s recommendation to compile the existing Academic Senate resolutions documents into a handbook that provides a single, comprehensive source of information to the field, including information on the role of the Executive Committee and Resolutions Committee, about the resolutions process; and

Whereas, The Resolutions Committee drafted a Resolutions Handbook that consolidates all of the Senate’s internal and public resolutions documents;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges adopt the Resolutions Handbook as the official document of its resolution development and writing process that replaces all previous resolutions process documents, effective immediately upon its adoption by the body.