Adoption of Sabbatical Rights Paper

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Published and posted on the Senate website.

Whereas, Sabbatical rights are academically and professionally valuable to higher education faculty and relate directly to professional growth and currency within vocational and general education areas;

Whereas, Resolution F06 19.01 expressed concern that some of California's community colleges had temporarily suspended sabbatical rights during recent budgetary problems, and asked that the Academic Senate conduct research to assist local faculty efforts to ensure that sabbatical rights are retained and supported; and

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges conducted a systemwide survey on sabbatical rights and discovered that while such rights are generally strong, colleges could benefit by reviewing the various processes and approaches that are employed throughout the System;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges adopt the paper, Sabbaticals: Benefiting Faculty, the Institution, and Students. See Appendix B. MSC Disposition: Local Senates