Adoption of SciGETC Curriculum

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Intersegmental Issues

Whereas, The Intersegmental Major Preparation Articulated Curriculum (IMPAC) project has produced the SciGETC curriculum plan to prepare students in high-unit science majors to transfer from community colleges to four-year institutions so that they may begin upper-division coursework in their respective majors in a timely fashion and defer two lower division general education courses; and

Whereas, The Intersegmental Committee of Academic Senates (ICAS) has endorsed the SciGETC curriculum plan and sent it to each segment's academic senate for adoption;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges adopt the SciGETC curriculum plan as a useful tool for community college transfer students in high-unit science majors. MSC Disposition: ICAS, Local Senates

Status Report: 

SciGETC has been adopted by UC, CSU and CCC academic senates. Planning for implementation underway.