Affirmative Action Laws

Resolution Number
Assigned to
Diversity and Equity

Whereas California Community Colleges should be in the forefront of affirmative action, and

Whereas there are federal and state statutes, regulations, and enforcement procedures that could strengthen affirmative action in community colleges, and

Whereas these statutes are scattered through the Education Code, California Fair Employment law, federal law, and Executive Orders, and

Whereas it is difficult to trace these laws, and

Whereas it is necessary for college faculty to be aware of these laws in order to carry out affirmative action goals,

Resolved that the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate compile and summarize the relevant laws, regulations, and enforcement procedures that govern affirmative action in the community colleges and provide them to the local academic senates as soon as possible, and

Resolved that one or more breakout sessions at the 1987 Fall Conference be dedicated to the discussion of effective use of these materials and that experts be available in the breakout sessions as resource people.