Affirmative Action, Not-for-Credit Faculty Hiring Process

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Diversity and Equity

Whereas AB 1725 established the goal that by 2005 California's community college workforce as a system should reflect the diversity of the state, and

Whereas AB 1725 has established as a goal that 30% of new hires within the community colleges as a system should be ethnic minorities by fiscal year 1992-93, and

Whereas AB 1725 requires that each district have an Affirmative Action Plan that includes steps that the district will take in meeting and improving hiring goals for both full- and part-time faculty, and

Whereas section 78020 (d) of Title 5 addresses not-for-credit classes and section 78022 (d) of Title 5 addresses not-for-credit faculty, thereby making not-for-credit faculty part of the community college system,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges encourage local senates to urge their districts to develop policies that would require that the same affirmative action hiring standards and guidelines used for credit and noncredit faculty be used when hiring not-for-credit faculty.