Affirmative Action/Cultural Diversity

Resolution Number
Anna Wong
Assigned to
Diversity and Equity

Whereas the State Chancellor's Office provides staff availability figures and analysis based on faculty availability in seven areas (Social Science. Humanities. Career Education, Natural Sciences, Health and Physical Education. Instruction and Support Services, and NonCredit), and

Whereas districts are required to develop staff diversity plans which measure adequacy of faculty hiring pools against these availability figures, and

Whereas the large groupings in the seven areas cause distorted availability figures which cannot reasonably be used when assessing the availability of faculty in a single discipline, and

Whereas the use of such availability figures often undermines the confidence of faculty in district staff diversity plans and consequently reduces the effectiveness of these plans,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges call upon the Board of Governors to adopt new staff diversity guidelines which will use staff availability data sorted by discipline rather than by large heterogeneous groupings.
M/S/C Disposition: Board of Governors, Chancellor's Office, Executive Committee, Local Senates