Affirmative Action/Cultural Diversity

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Diversity and Equity

Whereas the new Title 5 Affirmative Action regulations provide guidelines to facilitate the successful implementation of faculty and staff diversity programs, and

Whereas the Academic Senate's Affirmative Action/Cultural Diversity Committee has completed a draft of a question and answer document addressing major implementation questions raised by local districts, and

Whereas this question and answer document primarily presents conceptual materials that can be used in discussing the intent and spirit of the new Title 5 regulations, and

Whereas what local districts need most are specific, practical examples of how to teach about, orient to, and apply the components of these new regulations,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges direct the Executive Committee to design and present application-oriented workshops and materials that will provide faculty with hands-on training on how to achieve the goals and purposes of the new Title 5 Affirmative Action regulations.