Amend “Recommendations Regarding Repeatability”

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Whereas, The California Community Colleges’ Board of Governors and Chancellor’s Office have expressed a commitment to changing Title 5 §55041 regarding repeatable courses;

Whereas, Repeatable courses are a curricular matter, and both Education Code §70902 (b) (7) and Title 5 §53200 indicate that recommendations regarding curriculum are the purview of the local academic senates;

Whereas, The Academic Senate has worked throughout 2011 to gather input from discipline faculty and other interested parties regarding possible changes to repeatable courses and led the Repeatability Task Force that developed the document “Recommendations Regarding Repeatability” that states in part:

In order to become a …music major or to find a job in these areas directly from the community college, students need practice time as individuals, practice with groups or ensembles, and exposure to many.... Students need opportunities … to learn to play an instrument with a group, to grow to be the lead (or chair), or sing solos or with a choir. And because many students had limited access to arts programs during elementary, middle or high school, some students need more time to progress to a level of competency required for admission into upper division work or to secure a job. The development time for these disciplines may be from two to four years at the community college level. Since most community college students attend a college for more than two years for many valid reasons, programs of study for visual and performing arts majors should be planned for students to develop in a minimum of two years and reach proficiency at a competitive level soon after that. Some students may take longer to develop the necessary skills, and private lessons may be required to help some students achieve the performance level desired;


Whereas, The document “Recommendations Regarding Repeatability” recommends limiting repeats to three on the number of ensemble performance courses and eliminating repetition of all other music courses, including applied music (private lessons on an instrument or voice designed to develop soloist-level skills), which are an integral part of the proposed Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) for music and necessary to allow students to achieve the skill level required by transfer institutions and employers of musicians;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges amend the document “Recommendations Regarding Repeatability” by altering the first bullet point of the Visual and Performing Arts section to read, “Continue repeatability for ensemble performance and applied courses in music, and ensemble performance courses in theater and dance.”


See Appendix C: Recommendations Regarding Repeatability