Amend Resolution 3.02

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Executive Committee
Equity and Diversity
Amend resolution.
Status Report

Resolution was revised and was resubmitted as an Executive Committee resolution in Spring 2007.

Whereas, Information technology gives faculty and staff the ability to access detailed data at the program and course level for use in improving Information technology's capacity is reaching the point where data can be accessed in real time and "drilled" down to the program and even the course levels such that this data can be utilized to make decisions that could impact retention and success rates across both despite equity and diversity barriers;

Whereas, Most of today's equity efforts are aimed at either the systemic or collegee levels; iate adaptations simply because there is little capacity to do otherwise; and

Whereas, At the program level many faculty may lack experience in incorporating are ill equipped to handle integrating the results from such relevant equity and diversity data into their programmatic decision making in ways that would produce tangible, measurable results;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges begin exploring ways to increase faculty awareness and capacity in utilizing new data access tools to better meet the varied needs of their students; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges develop guidingance for instruments for faculty, administration and staff that to help to define effective practices and processes for utilizing these new tools. colleges to use technology for the benefit of students, and to increase equity and diversity. MSR Disposition: Revise resolution and bring back in Spring 2007.