Application of Rubrics to Recode Noncredit Courses Prior to Transfer (CB 21 Rubrics)

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Whereas, Resolution 9.04 (S09) endorsed the use of the CB 21 rubrics to guide coding for credit basic skills courses, while the noncredit rubrics were still being finalized and vetted;

Whereas, The benefits of the faculty-driven process of aligning basic skills pathways based upon agreed-upon outcomes at each level, which represent a core but do not dictate or standardize curriculum, has worked well for the previously endorsed CB 21 rubrics;

Whereas, The process of defining and refining the CB 21 rubrics in noncredit has been completed over the last year by faculty discipline experts through regional meetings, vetting through surveys, and final distillation by discipline specific focus groups; and

Whereas, These CB 21 rubrics will enable better reporting about student progress and success; Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges approve the CB21 rubrics and endorse their use as guidelines for local college noncredit CB21 coding in addition to the previously endorsed credit rubrics.

Note: Coding courses below transfer level to track student progression is known as CB 21 coding

MSC Disposition: Local Senates, Chancellor’s Office

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We don't think there is any more to do with this.