Approval of Grant Driven Projects

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Educational Policies Committee
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The committee created and distributed a survey to the field on what policies and procedures exist at the colleges regarding the approval of requests to apply for grants. The results will be reviewed and analyzed. May need analysis from outside researchers. Fall 2016: DD indicated that survey is still waiting to be analyzed at ASCCC office. 2017 - 18: The committee will review the survey results found here-- determine if another survey should be conducted since only 58 response were received. The committee will also determine if this resolution is still relevant and make a recommendation to the president.

Whereas, Unprecedented budget challenges are prompting California community colleges to seek alternative funding sources such as grants with increasing urgency;

Whereas, Grants often include provisions for the creation and implementation of new educational programs and curricula that do not require the students to earn college credit;

Whereas, Local senates and curriculum committees have developed curriculum approval processes to ensure their colleges’ offerings are of the highest quality for students, but grant-inspired curriculum not involving credit may not be required to go through these pathways of curriculum development and approval; and

Whereas, Circumvention of these processes may have unintended negative consequences on curricular quality and subsequently on students’ preparedness for success in their lives and careers;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges urge local senates and curriculum committees to collaborate with administrators to develop formal policies and procedures for the development and approval of mission-driven funded programs and curricula.