Articulation Committee

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Articulation and Transfer

Whereas community colleges in California are enrolling a large number of students who are ill-prepared to undertake college-level work, and

Whereas entering students with inadequate academic preparation are contributing disproportionately to an unacceptably high rate of early dropout, and

Whereas community colleges have not developed adequate mechanisms to communicate essential information about expected competencies of entering students to high schools,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges encourage all community colleges to establish an articulation committee composed primarily of faculty members, both teaching and counseling, and the Chief Instructional Officer, in order to communicate with area high schools and postsecondary institutions on such matters as:

1. Expected competencies of students entering a community college and course content of the curriculum;

2. Dissemination of information on available student services, including information on loans and grants available to enrolling students;

3. Articulation agreements between postsecondary institutions, including the facilitation of faculty-to-faculty articulation within subject areas;

4. The establishment of a policy to include the role of teaching faculty in academic advisement in the community colleges.