CalWORKs -AB 1233

Resolution Number
Lina Chen
Assigned to
Relations with Local Senates Committee
Career Technical Education
Status Report

The Senate continues to increase its involvement in workforce and economic development and related welfare-to-work implementation. Tgiven the fact that the legislation is five years old, this resolution should be considered completed.

Whereas occupational and liberal arts education programs are valid and well documented avenues to meaningful unsubsidized employment and career development, and

Whereas CalWORKs students frequently have learning deficiencies and may not have previously taken any college coursework, and

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges unanimously passed a resolution in Fall 1997 to pursue legislation allowing TANF recipients to receive three hours of work credit for each hour of classroom time, following federal law regarding Carnegie unit requirements,

Resolved that the Academic Senate promote education as the primary option in the Welfare-to-Work state and federal legislation, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate support AB 1233 (as of April 15, 2000) to include study time as a component of the required 32 hours of work activities (coursework).