CEO Affirmative Action Recommendations

Resolution Number
Assigned to
Diversity and Equity

Whereas the Academic Senate has a deep and longstanding commitment to a strong program of affirmative action in the California Community Colleges, and

Whereas the Chief Executive Officers Organization of the California Community Colleges, in cooperation with representatives of the Academic Senate, has recently published a "Policy Statement on Affirmative Action" containing nine specific recommendations for improving the effectiveness of affirmative action efforts, and

Whereas the Academic Senate believes that the widespread implementation of these nine recommendations would have a significant impact on affirmative action in California,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges endorse the policy statement and encourage implementation of the nine affirmative action recommendations developed by the Chief Executive Officers Organization, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate work with the Chief Executive Officers Organization to develop the model presentations called for in Recommendation Eight of the affirmative action document, presentations which would be offered to students at four-year colleges and universities to encourage interest in community college teaching careers.