Chancellor’s Office Interpretation of Education Code and Title 5 Regulations

Resolution Number
April Pavlik
Assigned to
Curriculum Committee
Status Report

The completion and approval of the 6th Edtion of the PCAH addresses this resolution. 

Whereas, Local curriculum development is guided by Title 5 regulations and the Program and Course Approval Handbook (PCAH), both of which are approved by the Board of Governors after consultation and agreement with the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges as appropriate;

Whereas, The most recent edition of the PCAH (5th edition), published in September 2013, created a narrow restriction of Title 5 interpretation, including but not limited to limitation of program goals for local degrees, restriction of local general education patterns, and justification of any local degrees that have more than 60 units being labeled as a “high unit’ degree; 

Whereas, The Chancellor’s Office has based curriculum approval decisions on criteria that are not reflected in Education Code and Title 5 regulations and are only present in the 5th edition of the PCAH; and

Whereas, Faculty have been frustrated by the rejection of curriculum based on criteria that are in conflict with the current version of Title 5 and Education Code, inhibiting local curricular processes and discouraging necessary curricular submissions and revision;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with the Chancellor’s Office to ensure that curriculum review by the Chancellor’s Office is based only on approved requirements that clearly honor the intention and spirit of Education Code and Title 5.