Collaborate with Regional Consortia

Resolution Number
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CTE Leadership Committee
Career Technical Education
Status Report

Fall 2022: Ongoing efforts to determine collaboration with Regional Consortia. Working with L.Shaw to determine best next steps. 

Fall 2023:  ASCCC Exec Approved Collaborative dates with Regional Consortia for 2023-2024. CTE Committee has faculty membership from each of the consortium regions per recommendation of the 2022-2023 CTE Leadership Committee 

Whereas, The California community colleges’ career technical education mission and programs are monitored and supported by seven macro regional consortia whose members are comprised of representatives from every college within each of these regions, and each of these regional consortia exists as a separate entity operating under a separate grant with its own operating bylaws and practices;

Whereas, The California community colleges’ career technical education mission and programs are closely connected to industry and are supported by the sector and regional directors; and

Whereas, The regional consortia and the sector and regional directors also provide a significant variety of regional leadership activities and regional community building among key stakeholders, including faculty, other public agency representatives and business and industry representatives, but the consistency of faculty representative consultation and input varies across the regions;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges collaborate with the regional consortia and the state and regional directors to empower and engage regional faculty leaders by working with the faculty leaders on regional boards, providing professional learning for career technical education faculty, sharing and developing new and emerging curriculum, and discussing how to streamline curriculum processes to move at the speed of industry and business so that students can be prepared for the jobs of tomorrow.