Collection of Hiring Questions for Multicultural Sensitivity

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Equity and Diversity Action Committee
Equity and Diversity
Status Report

Questions have been gathered and an article has been written for publication in the September 2010 Rostrum.

Whereas, All candidates seeking faculty appointments in California community colleges are asked to respond to screening questions about their sensitivity to and experience with others from diverse backgrounds;

Whereas, Screening questions to ascertain this sensitivity to and awareness of different cultures, abilities, and experiences are often generic and difficult to evaluate, partly because of legal requirements and partly because these questions are rarely used as a screening mechanism; and

Whereas, Answers to these types of questions are essential for evaluating the cultural competence of candidates and determining their commitment to diverse classroom experiences and sensitivity to the many differences our students and colleagues bring to our colleges;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges collect and make available sample screening questions that fulfill the requirements of law as well as address the interests of faculty in employing individuals who are sensitive to the needs of a diverse student population.

MSC Disposition: Local Senates