College and Career Readiness

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This resolution establishes a position of the Senate that will be communicated with constituent groups as necessary.

Whereas, Students graduating high school need to be prepared to either attend college, go to work or join the military, or make other life choices that require knowledge or skills learned in high school;

Whereas, In this context “college ready” means a graduate is likely to be successful entering into college and “career ready” means a graduate is likely to be successful moving into a pathway that will prepare him/her for a specific job, such as entering into an apprenticeship program or entry level job; and

Whereas, Students who are challenged and encouraged to take a rigorous, varied, and progressively more challenging curriculum in high school will be better prepared for the many eventualities that occur when students leave high school;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges take the position that “college readiness” and “career readiness” standards for high school graduates are the same.