Common Discipline Curriculum

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Transfer and Articulation Committee
Status Report

Found not feasible. ASCCC has not supported a uniform curriculum for all CCCs; rather it supports local control of the curriculum. Interest in similar major preparation, however, as expressed in IMPAC discussions and recommendations, and guarantees of transferability of core courses for the major are goals for the C-ID Project and will be advocated during 2007-09, with on-going support and input from this Ad Hoc Committee.

Whereas the needs of the student should be uppermost in the minds of all educators, and

Whereas many students who have transferred and/or graduated from community colleges have not been accepted as upper division students, and

Whereas this action creates both a financial and psychological hardship on many students, and

Whereas the community colleges of California provide lower division courses for most disciplines, and

Whereas the curriculum for all disciplines should be similar in all California colleges and universities in order to aid the student to complete his/her education in the shortest time possible, and

Whereas the California student should be able to transfer between institutions at any time during his/her postsecondary education and be guaranteed a curriculum that will be accepted from one institution to another be it community college, CSU, or UC, and

Whereas funding for all public educational institutions comes from the California state budget,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges direct the Executive Committee to bring a recommendation to a future session on how to achieve a discipline by discipline common curriculum that would involve a significant number of lower division courses for California community colleges and CSU.