Common Numeric Taxonomy

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Whereas an increasingly large number of students take courses at more than one California community college, and

Whereas it is often difficult for students to identify the role of a course as transfer, degree applicable, or nondegree applicable, especially when moving to a new college, and

Whereas some colleges use a numbering system (numeric taxonomy) that associates a range of numbers with a particular type of course (for example, <100 = transfer, 100 - 199 = applicable nontransfer, 200 - 299 = nondegree applicable), and

Whereas course numbering is an academic and professional matter so that establishment of such a numbering pattern as an option for colleges should be a matter for the Chancellor and Board of Governors to rely primarily on the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges,

Resolved that the Academic Senate explore the feasibility of a common numeric taxonomy so that the range of course numbers would identify the role of a course (transfer, degree applicable, non degree applicable, noncredit), and

Resolved that if the Academic Senate develop such a taxonomy, its use should be at the option of the local district, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate find that both the development and establishment of such a taxonomy and the decision by a district to adopt such a taxonomy are academic and professional matters.

Status Report: 

Given the necessity of the system to develop such a taxonomy under SB1415, the committee requests that this resolution be declared moot and removed.