Community College Admission of Minor K-12 Students

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General Concerns
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Goal was declared complete by Executive Committee September 03. On hold. Exec said monitor Chancellor's Office Task Force. No activity in 04-05. Recommendation for Next Year's Committee. Re-evaluate need for independent paper on minors in classroom since Chancellor's Office Task Force appears to be inoperative.

Whereas, K-12 students are eligible for special admission as both part-time and full-time students of California Community Colleges under Education Code 48800, 48800.5, 76001, 76001.5, and 76002;

Whereas, The provisions of Education Code 76001.5 and 76002 leave the determination of admission to the college president, once parental and K-12 permission has been granted; apply the same regulations to all K-12 students regardless of grade level; specify that the admissions decision is to be made only by the college president; and provide no guidance to assist in the decision;

Whereas, The education of minor children involves consideration of content, pedagogy, legal responsibility, and safety provisions different from those involved in the education of adults, which is the primary focus and concern of community colleges; and

Whereas, The population of K-12 students enrolled in California community colleges is growing and despite, or perhaps because of, the vague language of current law, K-12 admissions policies vary widely across California community college districts;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate define good practices for admission of and service to minor K-12 students and develop a position paper outlining those good practices and making recommendations if necessary to change Title 5 and the California Education Code on this issue; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate request an opinion from the Chancellor's Office regarding the legal issues surrounding the admission of minor K-12 students.