Continued Coalition of Faculty Organizations to Address Imposition of Standards

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Whereas, The response to the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges' (ACCJC's) new Standards will require a coordinated faculty response and multiple, multidimensional strategies at the local, state, and national levels;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate continue to work in alliance with other faculty organizations to develop a coherent set of strategies to oppose the new Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges Standards, consider and coordinate legal or legislative challenges, and educate legislators and other state and federal policy-makers regarding its concerns with the new Standards. MSC Disposition: AAUP,COFO

Status Report: 

Recommend that an effective working group be assembled to pursue these issues. Working group formed in 2003, chaired by the Accrediting Liaison, failed to function as chaired called no meetings.

We have continued to work with CoFO and other organizations, including the CEOs, but we are no longer even talking about the same standards.