Continued Recognition of Compton College as a Member Senate

Resolution Number
Assigned to
Academic Senate for California Community Colleges
Status Report

Compton College retains delegate status and continues to receive all senate materials. Each year, Compton College information is published in the Senate directory as Compton Community Educational Center of El Camino CCD.

We have continued to recognize them.

Whereas, The unique circumstances of Compton College place it in an unknown situation regarding its accreditation status, and litigation is pending;

Whereas, The academic senate for Compton College has remained actively functioning within all bylaws and standards of the Compton College Academic Senate Constitution and the procedures and policies of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges;

Whereas, There is a possibility that Compton College may become a center under the accreditation status of another California community college; and

Whereas, The Compton College academic senate members have demonstrated that they are effective faculty leaders who have served the academic and professional interests of their college and of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges and have been stalwart advocates for student learning and success;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges continue to recognize the Compton College academic senate as a member senate.MSC Disposition: Local Senates