Contract Education

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Career Technical Education

Whereas contract education is one of many delivery systems of educational programs and services, and

Whereas college programs and services delivered in all modes should maintain academic and pedagogical integrity, and

Whereas the use of qualified faculty and curriculum review processes supports program integrity,

Resolved that the Academic Senate encourage local academic senates to work with their local collective bargaining colleagues to improve contract education by: a. ensuring that faculty hired for contract education programs meet appropriate qualifications and are hired through appropriate processes jointly agreed upon by the local academic senate and the local board of trustees; b. ensuring that all courses offered have undergone appropriate curriculum processes; and c. removing barriers and disincentives for full-time faculty participation in contract education programs and services.22.01

I'm not sure how significant the contract education issue is at this time. Is there much else that can be done with this? If not, then I would request that this be declared "completed" and it can return as a new resolution if it reasserts itself as a significant issue. (mwl 2009)
Status Report: 

The Executive Director had the resolution distributed to the local senates. The President has raised these issues with state level collective bargaining organizations.

We have done numerous breakouts and presentation on contract ed in the past few years.