Cooperative Work Experience Education

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General Concerns
Recommend changing the Title 5 limitation for General Work Experience from six to 16 credit hours .
Status Report

Title 5 section 55253 allows for 16 units to be earned in both types of CWEE. This section was included in the Chancellor's Office November 2009 package of Title 5 changes.

Whereas, Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) is a program of education consisting of either supervised employment which is intended to assist students in acquiring desirable work habits, attitudes and career awareness (General Work Experience), or supervised employment extending classroom based occupational learning at an on-the-job learning station relating to the students' educational or occupational goals (Occupational Work Experience);

Whereas, Cooperative Work Experience education helps students acquire desired work habits and skill competencies that aid student success in the classroom and the workplace;

Whereas, Current Title 5 55253 states that 1) six semester credit hours may be earned in General Work Experience and 2) a maximum of eight credit hours may be earned in Occupational Work Experience Education during one enrollment period up to a total of 16 semester credit hours; and

Whereas, There have been requests to raise the credit hours allowed for General Work Experience Education from the current limit of six hours to 16 hours (similar to Occupational Work Experience Education) to better facilitate student and employer needs, which is unanimously supported by the Chancellor's Advisory Committee for CWEE and the intersegmental faculty association, California Internship and Work Experience Association;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend changing the Title 5 limitation for General Work Experience from six to 16 credit hours.

MSC Disposition: Chancellor's Office, System Advisory Committee on Curriculum, Local Senate