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Academic Senate

Whereas the Academic Senate represents all faculty including counselors, nurses, and librarians, and

Whereas counselors not only serve the needs of students but also act as a resource for instructional faculty, and

Whereas AB 1725 places an increased demand on community colleges to recruit and retain a more diverse student population, and

Whereas a diverse student population includes students who require intensive and frequent services and interventions to be successful, and

Whereas success is measured by student performance in class, achievement of educational goals, attainment of career and personal goals, as well as institutional measures such as certificate completion and graduation & transfer rates, and

Whereas matriculation funding has not guaranteed the hiring of full time counselors to keep pace with the number of retirements presently occurring,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges urge the Legislature to include in the AB 1725 full-time/part-time ratio, all faculty members as defined by the minimum qualifications document developed by the Academic Senate.