Course Approval for Distance Education Courses

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Kathy O'Connor
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Status Report

Senate papers are available on site at plenary sessions and institutes.Most recently, all the technology papers have been published in one volume and mailed to all Senate Presidents. In addition, the paper is being widely circulated to other organization via presentations by the technology chair. A breakout was held during the Spring 2001 Plenary Session.

Whereas Title 5 Regulations require separate course approval for all distance education courses, and

Whereas the Chancellor's Office has established new definitions for MIS to use for determination of course type, and

Whereas there are many different ways in which curriculum committees are reviewing and approving distance education courses,

Resolved that the Academic Senate provide hard copies of all papers passed by the Academic Senate pertaining to distance education at all state meetings and that they are distributed to all curriculum committee chairs, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate offer a breakout session at the Spring 2001 Plenary Session to provide information to faculty on how to interpret and implement appropriate distance education curriculum approval processes.