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Whereas the document, Placement of Courses Within Disciplines, calls for the establishment of a philosophy to maintain the academic integrity of each discipline by assisting senates in the placement of courses into disciplines, and

Whereas AB 1725 requires that new faculty hires possess either a master's "in the discipline of the assignment", or a related master's and a bachelor's "in the discipline of the faculty member's assignment" in order to achieve AB 1725's "general purpose to improve academic quality" by hiring "teachers...who are experts in the subject matter of their curriculum", and

Whereas the intent of the Academic Senate with regard to minimum qualifications was made clear through the following statement from the Summer 1989 issue of The Rostrum, the official newsletter of the Academic Senate: "Students deserve to be taught by instructors well qualified to teach the subject matter, not by instructors borrowed from other disciplines and possessing a 'minimum of knowledge' from the discipline of the faculty member's assignment," and

Whereas a course in more than one discipline can result in actually lowering the qualifications of faculty in many subject areas below the pre-AB 1725 qualifications established at the district level and can qualify faculty with degrees that do not generally require preparation specifically applicable to teach the multiple listed courses,

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge local senates to place a course in more than one discipline only if multiple listing would maintain a level of qualifications equal to, or greater than, a district's pre-AB 1725 qualifications of teachers for the course (s) in question.