Course Repetition

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Whereas, There have been different, conflicting interpretations of Title 5 (55761-55763, 58161) pertaining to course repetitions, apportionment and calculating student grade point averages;

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community College support the following ideas which we believe are already in Title 5:
all individual course grades must remain on students' transcripts,
a student who has unsuccessfully attempted a course and received a substandard grade (as defined by Title 5) may retake that course more than once to attempt a passing grade which will be subsequently included in calculating their GPA,
students who have successfully completed a course can only use that first successful grade for calculating their GPA (existing exceptions are listed below);

Whereas, Title 5 is currently being reviewed in the System Office for possible revisions and the Academic Senate needs immediate direction in this specific matter; and

Whereas, Title 5 and Education Code spell out exceptions for special circumstances in the cases of workers needing re-certification, students taking courses where repetition is used to build skills, and in special cases where such repetition would lead to achieving goals for disabled students;

Resolved, That Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend that a change in, or any interpretation of, Title 5 reflect that a college may choose (in its local policy) to permit additional course repetitions for substandard grades, without apportionment; and

Resolved, That Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend that only the highest grade earned shall be used in calculating a student's GPA and if that grade indicates a successful completion that no subsequent completions will be used in calculating the student GPA (exceptions above will remain unaffected). MSC Disposition: System Office, Local Senates

Status Report: 

Title 5 revisions were approved by the Board of Governors.