Creation of a Statewide Listserv

Resolution Number
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Academic Senate
Status Report

The committee has determined that this would not be an appropriate use of ASCCC resources. However, there are publicly available tools for interested individuals to create such a forum. A listserv CCCSenates has been created as a Yahoo group and we have agreed to publicize it.

Whereas, The lively discussion at the spring and fall meetings of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges indicate a need and a willingness to share information and ideas;

Whereas, Most colleges have present and past senate officers and other faculty who have a wealth of knowledge and experience and would be willing to share it;

Whereas, An electronic mailing list (commonly known as a "listserv") would allow those who are interested to communicate with each other easily and quickly; and

Whereas, Such communication might serve to strengthen friendships and encourage greater cooperation between colleges;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges determine the feasibility of creating a listserv (or electronic mailing list) for use by interested current and past local senate officers and current and past members of the state Executive Committee and other state committees; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, if such a listserv is determined to be feasible, have the goal of having it functional by the Spring 2006 Plenary Session. MSR Disposition: Executive Committee to research and report at Spring 2006 Plenary Session