Critical Thinking Courses

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Whereas the intersegmental course review committees at CSU and UC have been working to establish the list of courses certifiable for transfer under the IGETC pattern, and

Whereas the IGETC Implementation Committee has established that Summer, 1993, is the last time the existing two-course pattern will be accepted as fulfilling the critical thinking/English composition requirement, and

Whereas English departments in California have worked on courses of study and syllabi and submitted them to the Intersegmental Committee, and

Whereas the deadline for such submission was December, 1992, and

Whereas the course of study for thousands of students is at immediate issue, and

Whereas instructor assignments must be made, materials ordered, and schedules printed for Fall, 1993, and

Whereas many colleges have met that deadline and complied with the requirements for the new critical thinking/English composition course;

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge the intersegmental course review committees to issue their list of approved courses so that scheduling, printing, student counseling and other important matters may proceed without delay, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge the CSU and UC systems to develop a calendar of curriculum review and approval in consultation with the community colleges.