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Articulation and Transfer

Whereas SB 1914 (Killea, 1994) enables cross-enrollment of students among the three higher education segments, University of California, California State University, and California Community Colleges, and

Whereas SB 1914 requires that this system of cross-enrollment be on a space-available basis for a maximum of one class each term at a maximum cost of $10 to students with no FTES generated for the class either for the home or host institution, and

Whereas such a cross-enrollment system, if equitably structured, could greatly enhance student opportunities for learning,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges support the concepts of cross-enrollment as presented in SB 1914 (Killea, 1994), and

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges encourage local senates to make every attempt to establish cross-enrollment programs with neighboring UC and CSU campuses under the SB 1914 program and include the following specific implementation provisions:
1) Existing and future cross-enrollment and concurrent enrollment agreements which specifically target certain students or certain programs or courses are exempt from student participation under the 1914 agreement,
2) Space available basis for enrollment is defined as available for student enrollment under SB 1914 agreement only at the end of the add period and only if the total enrollment is less than the stated class size for the course, and
3) Only baccalaureate courses (upper and lower division not those which are remedial or developmental) are available for student enrollment under the SB 1914 agreement, and
4) The annual college report of participation in the program shall not require special M/S data elements or tracking and the report shall only contain simple demographic data including: name, host and home institution, term and year, course name and number, units attempted and completed, and grade, and
5) Eligibility status for admission to the host institution is not a factor in determine the student's participation in the SB 1914 program and established procedures, consistent with those applied to regular students, are applied to determine if students have met course prerequisites, and
6) Participation in the SB 1914 cross-enrollment program is limited to California residents, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges publicize and promote participation of community colleges in the SB 1914 program through its regular publications and announcements and in its regular communications with other community college organizations.
M/S/C Disposition: Board of Governors, CSU Senate, Chancellor's Office, Executive Committee, Local Senates, UC Senate, ICAS, ICC, CalSACC, FACCC