CSU Review Committees

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Burl Cuffman
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Whereas California community college faculty are committed to rigor in all general education courses and eager to provide instruction that assures successful transfer, and

Whereas community college faculty are particularly well-situated to design courses which increase successful transfer for diverse students, and

Whereas the strongest transfer curricula result from in-depth discussion on a case-by-case basis, among colleagues across segmental lines, and

Whereas the CSU General Education Advisory Committee has endorsed a modification of CSU's general education transfer policy which will, after April 1991, exclude community college faculty from any but incidental participation in the process of determining which community college courses will be accepted as meeting CSU's general education requirements, and

Whereas exclusion from such collegial discourse will impede effective innovation, preclude in-depth understanding by community college faculty of specific or subtle CSU standards and concerns, and will stultify curricula by allowing only the most traditional courses to be approved locally,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges request the CSU Academic Senate to establish a joint review process of general education courses.