Curriculum Leadership Institute

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Whereas the responsibilities of the college leaders in the area of curriculum, both faculty and administrators, are considerable in their depth and complexity, and

Whereas the standards and requirements for development, review, and approval of curriculum are both broad and detailed, and

Whereas it is particularly important to develop faculty curriculum leadership with full knowledge and understanding of the curriculum process and related standards, requirements, and good practices,

Resolved that the Academic Senate, in collaboration with the Chief Instructional Officers, create the Curriculum Leadership Institute to be offered each summer for the purpose of training faculty and administrative curriculum leaders in the standards, requirements, and good practices for the development, review, and approval of college curriculum, with the understanding that direct costs for the Institute will be covered by the contributions of participants.

Status Report: 

The Curriculum Committee held a Curriculum Institute on July 28, 29, 30 at the Disneyland Pacifica Hotel.