Defining the Types of Associate Degrees

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AA/AS Ad Hoc

Whereas, The historical use of the terms "arts" and "science" in universities pertains to the separate disciplines under the Arts and under the Sciences;

Whereas, The use of the terms "associate in arts" and "associate in science" is inconsistent across the California Community College System; and California community colleges, because of their mission, have found it necessary to include occupational programs under either the associate of arts or associate in science;

Whereas, Title 5 language does not define the associate degree, and the result is a lack of meaningful distinction between the associate in science and the associate in arts, in addition to colleges pursuing the creation of other associate degrees such as the associate in fine arts; and

Whereas, Students and others are ill-served by the lack of clarity, and the Academic Senate survey revealed a need to clarify the nature of a degree title;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges support and establish statewide definitions for the types of associate degrees offered by California community colleges.
MSC Disposition: Local Senates