Definition of Information Competency

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Library and Learning Resources
Status Report

This definition was incorporated into proposed Title 5 language regarding information competency. Regrettably, the Title 5 language was blocked by the Department of Finance.

Whereas Resolution 16.02 F96 directed the Academic Senate to urge the Chancellor's Office and the Board of Governors to acknowledge that any development of information competency components and/or programs be the primary responsibility of the Academic Senate, and

Whereas library faculty see information competency as an important component of learning, and

Whereas there is no clear and concise definition of information competency that is currently used in the California Community Colleges, especially as it pertains to curricular development,

Resolved that the Academic Senate adopt the following definition of information competency for California Community Colleges:
"Information competency is the ability to find, evaluate, use, and communicate information in all its various formats. It combines aspects of library literacy, research methods, and technological literacy. Information competency includes consideration of the ethical and legal implications of information and requires the application of both critical thinking and communication skills."