Delegation of Authority

Resolution Number
Assigned to
Curriculum Committee
Status Report

The committee developed a specific proposal in the form of a position paper, Regional Colloquia and Delegated Approval Authority, which was adopted at the spring plenary session. In addition, the committee prepared an FII grant proposal which was submitted to by Crafton Hills College. If the grant is not funded, the committee will continue working with the CIOs to obtain local funding. The paper also contains recommendations to change the delegation criteria from knowledge, procedure, and a provability (which will become standards) to submission of the delegation checklist and participation in a technical assistance activity such as the regional colloquia.

Whereas the Chancellor's Office Interim Committee on Curriculum is currently developing procedures for moving colleges from interim to continuous delegation,

Resolved that the Academic Senate support the concept of regional colloquia for those faculty and staff involved in the development, review, and approval of curriculum.