Developing a Reference Document for Curriculum

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Curriculum Committee
Status Report

Update 6/25/2015: Reviewed the website; repetition discussion board as tool; Held regionals; Committee should reference to website at each Curriculum Institute.

2017 - 18: Curriculum Website can be updated using the modules in the PDC. In addition, the module will be reviewed by Curriculum Committee members to ensure it is in line with the streamlining curriculum changes.

Whereas, Curriculum committee chairs and members frequently encounter questions regarding curriculum regulations and procedures for which they do not have ready answers;

Whereas, A “frequently asked questions” reference or other similar document would prove a valuable tool for curriculum committees in addressing such questions or issues;

Whereas, A formally developed reference document will present more consistent and detailed responses to inquiries from curriculum chairs than replies made on an individual basis; and

Whereas, A curriculum reference document published on the Academic Senate’s Curriculum Website would provide hyperlinks to relevant sections of Title 5 or Education Code, thus allowing curriculum chairs to bypass the inconvenience posed by currently available search tools;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges develop a reference document or tool designed expressly for curriculum chairs and curriculum committees that offers information and advice regarding commonly posed questions on curricular regulations and procedures and make that reference tool available through the Academic Senate Curriculum Website and other appropriate methods.

MSC Disposition: Local Senates