Dialogue with High School Teachers

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Michael Widener
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Status Report

Most interest this year centered on the concurrent enrollment issue. At the statewide level it is not clear how the President should invite K-12 representatives to participate in Senate activities. At the local campus level such dialog is beyond the scope of the Academic Senate to organize. Other than continuing to discuss such issues in local site visits the goal should be declared infeasible.

Whereas community college faculty share many issues and concerns with their high school colleagues, and

Whereas community college faculty and high school faculty would benefit from dialogues about mutual concerns, yet there are few, if any, opportunities for such dialogues,

Resolved that the Academic Senate direct the Executive Committee to explore ways in which community college faculty and high school faculty could meet to discuss mutual concerns for the benefit of both groups, including but not limited to inviting high school faculty to Academic Senate plenary sessions, holding regional meetings with high school faculty, and inviting high school faculty to Area meetings.