Disciplines List - Veterinary Technician

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Amendment Adopted by Board of Governors, December 2005

Whereas, The discipline revision for veterinary technician was submitted through the normal discipline revision process and the only comment received from the field was a correction on the format of the proposal from the author, which was recorded at the hearing but not transmitted to the Executive Committee for consideration;

Whereas, The rationale in the documents transmitted to the field clearly articulated that the change requested was in the title and not the minimum qualifications, particularly since disciplines on the nonmaster's list have the same qualifications: "any bachelor's degree and two years of appropriate work experience or any associate degree and six years of appropriate work experience (Education Code 87357 (b) and Title 543407);

Whereas, In 1993, the State of California officially changed the name of the profession from Animal Health Technician to Registered Veterinary Technician to distinguish between an individual who had formal education, passed a state board exam, and is state registered froman individual who had no formal education, is not registered, and has had only job training; and

Whereas, The California Practice Act authorizes only registered technicians to perform certain medical procedures, such as administering anesthesia, applying casts or splints, placing sutures, or extracting teeth; and the title Registered Veterinary Technician is the same as the current TOP Code title for this discipline;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend that the Board of Governors adopt the following proposed change in the Disciplines List for Animal Health Technician: Change the title from Animal Health Technician to [Registered Veterinary Technician]. MSCDisposition:Board of Governors