Discriminatory Funding

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Budget and Finance

Whereas, The Full-time Equivalent Student funding of the California Community Colleges since 1965 has averaged 49% of the per-student allocation for the California State Universities and 21% of the per-student allocation for the University of California (see Appendix A);

Resolved, That the Academic Senate identify the funding pattern for the public higher education segments in California as based on distinctions of socio-economic class and on assumptions about the level of educational opportunity to be afforded to the class of students who might be predicted to attend each segment; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate oppose patterns of funding that systematically discriminate against community college students.

Status Report: 

The President continues to work with the Chancellor, Consultation Council, and other faculty organizations to raise the level of awareness of legislators, the public and students of the funding inequities in California higher education.  The resolution is so vague that there is not much for us to do.