Discriminatory Practices in Hiring

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Equity and Diversity

Whereas, Both federal and state courts have recently ruled against some practices of affirmative action plans, suggesting that important means for achieving a diverse faculty in the California community colleges might be endangered;

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has consistently expressed its support for hiring increasing numbers of diverse faculty until California community college faculty mirror the diverse make-up of the state;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate of the California Community Colleges recognize the need for new processes to protect hiring processes from discriminatory practices.

Status Report: 

The Academic Senate co-chairs to the Chancellor's Office Task Force on Equity and Diversity has introduced a number of recommendations on this issue that will be published in the Task Force forthcoming report.The report will be the subject of a plenary session breakout.

We have done a lot, including partnering with the CO in 2015.