District Specific Pay-outs and Student Equity

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Budget and Finance
Status Report

The funding mechanism for the community colleges was substantially changed with SB361. In addition, the Partnership for Excellence program and funding have been discontinued.

Whereas the Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges has opposed the distribution of apportionment dollars (5.02 F97 and 5.05 F98 according to student achievement because such distribution could result in a net flow of dollars to colleges with socioeconomically advantaged service areas and away from colleges serving more disadvantaged communities, and

Whereas the Chancellor's Office is setting up a task force to recommend the criteria and triggering mechanism for a "contingent funding" approach with Partnership for Excellence dollars after the third year of funding by FTES, and

Whereas the Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges continues to have concerns about the pressures such a funding mechanism would place on academic integrity and educational excellence, and

Whereas to date there has been no substantive discussion of the definition of "reasonable progress" on the system goals nor any plans for compliance monitoring or enforcement by the Chancellor's Office of the legislative intent that the money be used to fund program enhancements to improve student success,

Resolved that the Academic Senate reaffirm its resolutions expressing opposition to the distribution of apportionment dollars to districts on the basis of student achievement, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate advocate (in relation to any proposed contingent funding mechanisms) "leveling the playing field" among college districts with respect to student preparation levels, and address concerns about student equity and the continued disparities between different socioeconomic and demographic groups in student achievement.