Diversity and the 60% Limitation on Part-Time Faculty

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Legislative and Advocacy Committee
Equity and Diversity
Status Report

SB 847 did not come to a floor vote. The ASCCC opposition to any further legislation affecting the 60% law will be presented in venues such as testimony before legislative committees.

Whereas, Less than 30% of part-time community college faculty are of color (California Community Colleges System Office Data Mart, Fall 2004 data);

Whereas, A change in the 60% law that permits the teaching of more sections by individual instructors creates less opportunity for increasing faculty diversity since fewer part-time instructors teach more classes and this may reduce opportunities for those from diverse backgrounds seeking community college teaching experience;

Whereas, Many full-time instructors initially gain valuable community college teaching experience through a temporary part-time teaching position at a community college, an avenue that may be reduced if fewer temporary instructors teach more classes; and

Whereas, The Academic Senate has always supported diversity in faculty hiring pools and increasing the 60% limit for part-time faculty may reduce diversity, which may be particularly noticeable in districts that have a seniority system for rehiring of part-time faculty;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges oppose a change in the 60% law that adversely impacts the diversity of faculty ranks.MSC Disposition: Legislators, Local Senates, System Office