Diversity in Hiring

Resolution Number
Assigned to
Equity and Diversity Action Committee
Equity and Diversity
Continue to work with Faculty Development committee to identify diversity funds earmarked for staff development and to advise local senates of the existence of these funds and to explore the possibility for using these finds.
Status Report

Rostrum completed in 2009.

Whereas, The composition of the faculty in California community colleges does not reflect the diversity of the students;

Whereas, Research studies indicate that a diverse faculty can improve critical thinking and enhance learning outcomes for all students;

Whereas, Coalitions of education organizations say that students achieve better when there are campus faculty that reflect their diverse background; and

Whereas, A diverse faculty can improve education across the board and can help narrow the achievement gap;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, in order to educate a very diverse student body, support increased funding to heighten awareness and to recruit, to create internships for, to hire, to train, and to mentor more diverse faculty. MSCDisposition:Consultation Council