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General Concerns

Whereas the potential for a catastrophic earthquake in California is well established, and

Whereas earthquake preparedness requires that, at a minimum, all institutions should have established the following:

1. Plans and procedures for orderly evacuation and timely medical assistance,

2. Clear, precise emergency procedures,

3. Delineated staff responsibilities,

4. Adequate emergency supplies, with an identified disbursement procedure,

5. Regularized staff training and emergency plan review, and

Whereas California Community Colleges should be at least minimally prepared for an earthquake and have procedures that insure the public safety,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges urge the Board of Governors to review emergency plans and regulations and adopt a set of minimum guidelines to be used by each college district in developing earthquake preparedness plans, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate request the Board of Governors require each college district to implement a plan consistent with these minimum guidelines by the 1988 Wall Conference.