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Career Technical Education

Whereas the legislation establishing the ED>Net Executive Committee et al. sunsets June 3, 1999, triggering new legislation to reauthorize the existence and duties of Executive Committee, which consists of a majority of ten college CEOs, small business representatives and one Academic Senate representative, and

Whereas the ED>Net initiatives are determined by the ED>Net Executive Committee and $33 million of Proposition 98 money is used to fund these initiatives through a competitive process, and

Whereas historically the Academic Senate has opposed the structure and composition of the ED>Net Executive Committee and set aside process,

Resolved that the Academic Senate oppose the reauthorization of the existing structure and composition of ED>Net Executive Committee and its set aside process, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate support the maintenance of economic development funds and programs if they are subject to established processes for dissemination by the Chancellor's Office, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate work to make changes, as identified above, to SB 154 (Polanco).

Status Report: 

The ED>Net committee has three Academic Senate representatives and there is one Senate representative on each subcommittee with one subcommittee chaired by our faculty representative. In addition, ASCCC members participated actively this year.