Emeritus Status for Paul Setziol

Resolution Number
Assigned to
Executive Director
Academic Senate

Whereas, The Bylaws of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges include procedures and criteria for conferring the status of senator emeritus on individuals;

Whereas, Paul Setziol has satisfied those requirements as a retired faculty member of the California Community College system who has completed the required five (5) years of significant service to the Academic Senate:

  • Service on committees including Standards and Practices and Educational Policies
  • Participant on ASCCC papers including Tenure: Towards a Model Four Year Process
  • Author of numerous resolutions and Rostrum articles, dating from the 1980s forward
  • Participant in numerous presentations at ASCCC institutes, events, and plenary sessions

Whereas, Paul’s passion for the California community colleges and his interest in ensuring student access led him to be one of the most vociferous opponents of student fees, as well as a powerful advocate for low and no cost textbooks; and

Whereas, Paul’s service on the De Anza College Academic Senate has extended over three decades, providing a level of institutional memory and continuity of service that is the envy of other colleges in the system;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recognize Paul Setziol’s extraordinary and distinguished service by awarding him the status of senator emeritus with all rights and privileges thereof; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges convey to Paul Setziol its heartfelt congratulations during his retirement and wish him and his family every happiness in the years to come.